Louis Herbals Under Eye Cream – Review

“Be Gentle on your Eyes”

Let’s face the truth, our skin can not last youthful forever. It’s one’s personal choice to age Gracefully, by taking care of oneself.

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and sensitive, and is the first place where Fine Lines/Wrinkles appear, as that area tends to dry mostly.

That is when you need an addition in your skin care routine to provide that oil which will keep the skin moist.

Under eye cream acts as a supplement by moisturizing and hydrating the skin and thus reducing fine lines, dark circles and under eye bags.


Louis Herbals Under Eye Cream

Louis Herbals

Product Claims:

A very effective herbal treatment to reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness. Provides instant toning, improves blood circulation an repairs damaged skin cells and brings back glow to the skin.

With Olive Oil and Lemon



Product Details:

This product comes in double packaging. The outer later of packaging is Matte and Gloss finish with the Company logo and Other details of the Product along with Picture of the Tube containing the Product


The inside packaging containing the Tube is matte.


The product comes in a elongated tube with a Golden Cap. This cap also helps in preventing any spillage by covering the tip opening of the tube tight.


The products comes in a white thick creamy texture like a massage cream.


My Review:

I love the texture of the product. The cream is nice and dense. Only a little amount is more than enough for your entire eyes and its surrounding areas.

This amount for both eye Application

I can easily massage my eyes as it spreads evenly and gets absorbed in my skin. The fragrance is excellent.

After the products is distributed evenly on your skin, the cream transforms and gives an amazing oily shiny effect on the skin till its absorbed.

Skin Before Application of Under Eye Cream


Skin After Application of Under Eye Cream- Without Flash Photo
Skin After Application of Under Eye Cream- With Flash Photo

The Skin feels extremely hydrated and moisturized after the application.

After I started applying it every night before going t bed,  have noticed the difference, the puffiness has reduced and fine lines have also vanished.

I prefer my eye area to be moisturized like oily as it helps in fighting the wrinkles.

This is lovely cream and a must buy.


My Recommendation:

I would definitely recommend this product. Specially to Dry to Medium Skin Types, this a must buy for them. It will work lie a miracle for you.

I have natural oily skin, but my under eye area is dry and this works marvelously for me.


Product Name: Louis Herbal – Under Eye Cream

Weight: 25 g Net Weight

Price: INR 225

Where to buy: Beauty Center & Online


Video on how to use the Product:



Keep Smiling and Stay Handsome 🙂

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