Play Around with Prints!

“Style is about being Different then the Crowd”


I know its not easy for Men to try something out of their Comfort Zone. It is always easy sticking to the basics and being Safe… But it is courageous to try something new….

Floral Prints have been making their buzz in Fashion. There are Plenty of different Colors and Prints available in market.


It’s just not the women who are flaunting these Printed Fabrics…. Men’s Fashion is no more left behind, but in fact has caught up to this “Floral Prints” trend.


You have to pair them in a Contrast Combination, Printed and Plain Combination or both in neutral colors combination…

Floral Printed Shirts, go well as Casual Friday wear, Party or Evening wear…  It is Casual wear if paired along with Jeans or Shorts..


Street Style Look Created:

As its the SALE Season everywhere! We got invited by Peter England for its Preview Sale, which is offered for their Membership Customers…

We purchased multiple shirts, as the collection was quite attractive…

Floral Printed Shirts

Peter England is more known for their Formal wear and Casual Shirts.. So weren’t sure to Jeans from them, as I am particular, specially about the measurements..


But to my Surprise…It was lovely…

So here we have combined, Dark Blue Shaded Jeans, which is ankle length with a Light Blue Printed Full Sleeves Shirt…


This look is perfect for Casual Fridays… Tugging in the shirt, gives the attire a more semi formal approach…


We have paired Formal Brown shoes with Brown Belt..

My recommendation: Start will small light and more subtle Prints as an addition to your wardrobe, till you get comfortable.

Enjoy these lovely varieties of prints and wear them with all your confidence.


Jeans: Peter England

Shirt: Peter England

Where to Buy: At any Peter England Stores


Keep Smiling and Stay Handsome 🙂

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