Makeup Vanity Bag Review

“Makeup is a Tool which Enhances your Natural Beauty”

Why do you Need a Makeup Vanity Bag:

If your love for makeup is like mine. I am sure, you might have gathered numerous makeup products by now…

Till the time, your makeup products are countable on your finger tips, its ok to keep them in a portable pouch or a bag. But when you have spent a lot on your beauty babies, and they start to over flow, its time for you to get a Professional Makeup Vanity Bag, because you can not afford anything to break, spoil or being misplaced….

Options Available in Vanity Bag:

There is a vast variety of options available, if you are looking for a Professional Makeup Vanity bag. Depending on your need, you can make your choice..

From Trolley Suitcase type Vanity Makeup bags to Small or Medium Pouches.

Several Options in Pouches and Medium Bags for Makeup available in Market

For a More Professional Touch, if your products won’t accommodate in Medium Bag, then you can go for a Trolley Bag Style Makeup Vanity Bag.

Steel Case Colourful Varieties of Makeup Boxes are available.


Street Style Makeup Vanity Bag:

I was looking for a Medium Sized Makeup bag, in which I would be able to fit in all my makeup products.

I wanted there to be enough compartments, which would make it easy for me to categorise my products.

All my needs were fulfilled by this pretty Black Crocodile printed, Makeup vanity bag.

631995670_oThere is a strap given along with this bag, so that you can easily hang it over your Shoulders while your travel.

There are two zips given on both sides, which open till the back and the cover flips open.

The inside of the tray open on both the sides.  There are 3 layers, as you can see in the above picture, the last bottom 3rd compartment has a huge space, to space all you Foundation and other such products.


The Box is easily foldable. Its very easily to open and close the zipper as well.

71UDzDrd0yL._SL1000_After I bought this lovely bag, I have shifted all my Makeup Products in it, and this bag is of perfect size suited for the quantity of Products I have 🙂



I will certainly recommend this wonderful bag, as I have bought it myself. I am loving the way I am able to keep all my products well organised.


Material: Faux Leather

Colour: Black

Style: Crocodile Stripes

Price: INR 2500

Where did I buy: Beauty Centre, Crawford Market, Mumbai

Available online on:


Keep Smiling & Stay Glamorous 🙂

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