Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Review

About Eye makeup:

I am ridiculously passionate about makeup. There is a lot you can experiment with your look if you got the right essentials with you.

As eyes are the most important features of your face. Just by playing around with different products like eyeliner, Kajal and eye shadows, you can create many looks…


I had looked at couple of eye shadows from different brands, but nothing compared to this Product which I will be talking about in this post.


Product Description:

Get an attractive eye make-up by using this ‘144 Eyeshadow Collection’ palette from makeup revolution London.

My Experience:

This alluring eye shadow palette, contains 144 different shades.
These shades are neatly arranged in relation to the colour gradation. Starting from the left to right the colour changes from light to dark.

The palette consists of Nudes, Greens, Blues and other darker shades to create your smokey eye look.

The colour variants this palette offers, helps you in creating multiple looks for your eyes.
I wanted one palette which would help in creating an everyday office makeup, as well as an eye makeup suitable for a night out. And this palette caters to my need perfectly. So this is my one time investment 🙂

The first column consists of all light nude shades, which cab ne applied as a base for eye makeup. Or to brighten up the inner corner of your eyes.

The second and third columns are warmer version of the first column. It can be used base for your eye makeup or to create nude eyes look or luminate your inner corner to show the shades growing darker as you go towards the outer corner of your eyes.

You will find all the colours you could possibly want to create your desired look, this palette has it. From the 4 column, the colours start to show evidently.

I have been using column 5, 6, 7 & 12 more to play around with different looks.

The Pigmentation of these colours is just Superb!!!
It is easy to blend different colours and it lasts for a generous span of time…


My Recommendation:

I am completely satisfied with this product, and if you are fanatic about eye makeup as me, then I strongly recommend you this one stop product, which will cater to all your eye makeup needs.

I even use it to contour my nose and cheeks


Brand: Makeup Revolution London
No of Shades: 144
MRP: INR 3500
Discounted Price I got for: INR 2600
Where to buy: Beauty Palace, Crawford Market, Mumbai.
If you want to buy it online:


I hope you enjoy this product.


Keep Smiling & Stay Glamorous 🙂

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