“Suit up, in a Jumpsuit”

“Style is a slight reflection of your Personality”


Something about jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits are effortless and a fashion statement. They have stolen the spotlight since they have made a buzz again in the street fashion.

They are a combination of a top and a bottom combined together as in one. (Certainly difficult for your washroom visits)


Jumpsuits were actually clothes worn by skydivers and parachute divers, followed by many other, like mechanics, pilots, race car drivers etc…

Jumpsuits have reappeared in the fashion world for almost a little above a year, and will certainly not fade away. It looks very fabulous in a soft flowy fabric… In one of the shows that I watch called, “Young and Hungry”, I saw the lead actress  wear pretty short jumpsuits many times. That’s when I decided to give it a try


Street Styled Look created:

This pleasing short jumpsuit I came across, I just could not get my eyes off it and I knew that right second I had to buy it. But at the same time I did not want to show my desperation, because I wanted to get a good bargained deal on it.

IMG_20170627_082652 - Copy

The fabric is light printed cotton, with dark blue as the base colour and green, light blue, yellow coloured flowers and leaves printed on it. The colour combination is quite poppy and is absolutely eye catching.


It has a dark blue colour “lining” stitched to the main fabric from inside, to avoid the jumpsuit from being transparent.


It has an elastic in the mid to clearly show the demarcation between the upper and the lower side of the jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit is designed as an off shoulder, to give it a smartly different look.


As its monsoon, I have paired a simple white colour rainy loafers with it and its pairing well considering the length of the jumpsuit.


I have kept my accessory to the minimal by just wearing a simple Black choker with it, to focus all my attention on to the jumpsuit.


Combine the look with messy hair and flaunting makeup.. There you are, all set for your day out…



Style tips to Rock your Jumpsuit:

  • If you’re wearing a long jumpsuit, pair up a nice pairs of heels or wedges, to give it a more feminine look.


  • Accessorise it with a nice belt, to define your waistline, match up either a pair of chunky earrings or a bold neckpiece which goes along with your jumpsuit… Do not overdo by wearing both.



Details of the Jumpsuit by Glamorous Street Styled

Size: Medium

Fabric: Cotton

Price: INR 350

Where to buy: 3 stalls on right  opp to “Rock On” Shop, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai


Purchase your prettylicious jumpsuit and share your experience.

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Keep Smiling & Stay Glamorous 🙂



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